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on that coming up. >>> $4 million. that's how much you, the federal taxpayers, paid the state of delaware to hire insurance marketplace guides. they are like navigators that you heard so much about, supposedly helping people to get their insurance and understand the plan, but it turns it out that those guides have only enrolled four people so far in delaware. that means it cost $1 million so far for each enrollment in that state. go figure. ap reporter randal chase is here with more. randal, it sounds unbelievable but that's the case, right? >> well, what's happening here in delaware is just a microcosm of what's going on around the country. the enrollment system is just very, very slow. >> so what are they telling people there about, you know, how they should go about it and what do you expect -- i know that the numbers are 31 applications, so four people signed up, 31 applications. 218 created accounts. it's a lot of fuzziness at this point. we're going to get a national picture from kathleen sebelius in a couple of weeks. but, in terms of, you you know, how many people signed on, how many peop
. >> in the crossfire, delaware governor jack mar kell, and wisconsin governor scott walker. he's just published a new book unintimidated. brian, since i've been a governor, you ought to dive in first, because you sort of get what this is all about and why state capitals are so different. >> the unemployment rate in wisconsin is about 6.5%, about 50% higher than minnesota, iowa, north and south dakota and nebraska, your neighbors. we governors, we always brag we're going to create jobs and we're judged on how we create those jobs. people are watching. are you letting people down? >> no, actually the opposite. four years ago we were about the same level, four years ago, wisconsin had a.32% illinois with a 9.4%. today illinois has a 9% unemployment. we have 6.5%. >> but historically long before i was governor -- >> but more importantly when you were running in 2010, you told everyone you were creating new private-sector jobs, and i think -- >> well, by the time you finish in 2014, i think you're 90 or 100,000 people? have you broke your promise to your constituents? can you run for reelection if you don
, by 1730, 30,000 people lived within the first seven blocks of philadelphia, next to the delaware river. well, 30,000 people caused filth in the city and polluted their water sources. the groundwater was not potable. and in one year, 1/6 of the population died of yellow fever. now, they didn't know at the time that yellow fever was carried by mosquitoes. but the health issue was major in that first movement to build a water system. narrator: so they set out to find the cleanest source of water. although the majority of philadelphia's water now comes from the delaware river, early engineers found that development along the waterfront was causing pollution. so their search led them to the nearby schuylkill river. philadelphia developed technologies to pump water from the river into the city. these technologies established engineering concepts that are still the basis for our water systems today. europeans flocked here. it was a destination point to see the new world technology. when charles dickens visited us in 1840, he was truly blown away by high water pressure on the fourth floor of t
, mr. president. the presiding officer: the senior senator from delaware is recognized. mr. carper: good afternoon, mr. president, my colleague from oregon. my wife ran into one of her colleagues the other day, ted kaufman. he was the interim senator, succeeded joe biden and held down that slot for two years until senator chris coons was elected on his own not that long ago. one of the things i loved about ted, every month he would come to the floor and he would talk about a different federal employee. sometimes i've heard our colleagues, other people talk about federal employees or state and local employees as nameless, faceless bureaucrats. in a derisive way, unflattering, uncomplimentary and i suspect dispiriting. and the foacts who serve in federal government or state and local government do so usually not because it pays a lot of money, because they get huge bouquets and a lot of credit, they just want to do something constructive with their lives. but ted used to do that every month. he'd come to the floor. so this is like a shoutout to him because i heard about a fellow in d
mostly. they lead late in the 4th quarter. delaware scored twice to stun the tigers. delaware won 32-31. the bears host hampton. robert rushed for one touchdown. morgan beat hampton. >>> the breeders cup, the $5 million classic. down the stretch with mucho macho man. it wasn't enough. he wins by a nose. he is trained by kathy ritvo and the first woman to fin the breeders cup classic. >>> seeing triple, 3 suns in ,,, . >> rare triple suns topped up in mongolia. the illusion is rare and called a phantom sun or ice halo. a phantom sun orand then when you get up -- can i play? no! you don't even get football. [ male announcer ] when you've got 100% fiber optic fios, you get it. america's fastest, most reliable internet. it's the ultimate for downloading, streaming, and chatting. you have that guy all over the football field. thanks, joe! if the running backs don't start picking up the blitz, the quarterback is going to have a long night. is that your sister? look, are you trying to take my job? maybe. [ male announcer ] this is your last chance to switch to a fios triple play online for
quorum call: a senator: mr. president? the presiding officer: the senator from delaware. mr. coons: i ask unanimous consent that the quorum call be vitiated. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. coons: mr. president, i come to the floor once again today to talk about jobs, about manufacturing jobs, manufacturing jobs as we all know are high quality jobs. manufacturing jobs come with higher pay and higher benefits. manufacturing jobs help create other local service sector jobs and manufacturing jobs contribute more to the local economy than jobs in any other sector. and beyond that, mr. president, manufacturers invest the most of any industry sector in research and development, something critical to america's continued growth and our security as a leading innovation economy. so last week, 21 senate colleagues and i joined in a new initiative, the manufacturing jobs for america initiative, to help create good manufacturing jobs here at home today and tomorrow. it's grown now to 25 senators who've all contributed different policy ideas. this isn't one big megabill with dozens
stand by me. i'm the director of financial empowerment for the state of delaware, and stand by me is a statewide financial empowerment program that the priority of governor jack markell. so when he came into office, he decided that this was going to be a priority of his administration. and we worked together and formed a partnership with united way of delaware, which is also a statewide united way, to create a financial empowerment strategy that's available to all delawareans. so we are not strictly focused on low income delawareans. this is available to everyone. okay. these are the types of issues that we are seeing since we started in may of 2011. we've worked with about 3000 individuals, providing them with personal financial coaching. and these are the kinds of issues that we are seeing, is that people have a lot of debt for a variety of things, medical, student loans, credit cards. we see people supplementing their income with credit, very low credit scores, lack of access to financial services. a lot of people using payday loans, title loans, rental furniture, monthly expen
jobs and repairing our crumbling infrastructure. in delaware alone we have 175 deficient bridges being neglected. these are jobs that help families to put food on the table. in kent county, delaware, sequester has hurt those who serve our nation, who operate the base, who serve our country valiantly. the these are jobs that could be going to help research a cure for cancer. n.i.h. supported more than 500 jobs in delaware in 2011 and now cuts are costing those jobs and setting us back in the fight to find a cure for cancer and many other diseases. sequester has been devastating to delaware and the whole nation, and we need to replace it with a smarter, more balanced set of spending reforms that maintain investments that will allow our country to be competitive. in particular, mr. president, if i might, we need to refocus or jobs by investing in infrastructure and focusing on manufacturing. in my view, the 19,000 jobs in the manufacturing sector that we just learned were created in the last month were a promising development but far from as many as we should be filling. why? because manu
are paying the price for it. if you look at the state of delaware, it cost taxpayers $4 million to set up obamacare in delaware. you know how many pple signed up so far? four people. that means we are paying $1 million per enrollee. no one is signing fun for thing. the reason why they canno afford it. the commonwealth fund released a study this week. they look and they found that almost half the people who went to the obamacare websi said t reason they didn't sign up they couldn't find a plan that was affordable. no one can pay f thi >> wayne,when you tell someone something for four yearous can keep your plan and youroctor, you have been saying it for four years and then this week he comes out and says, i didn't say it that way. ise lying? this is a bigie, isn't it? >> eric, i'm not sure that he fully understood it. you know it's 2800-page l. i don't know that the president is that smart. all due respect. he is a bright guy. but you don't read 2800 pages and come out with what he said. the congress didn't read it. nobody read it. nobody knows what is in the law. he doesn't know what is in
enrollment. think about delaware. delaware had four people sign up. four people. last month, month of act, the federal government paid four community organizations to be navigated. >> do you know why they only have four in delaware? do you know why? >> because it's screwed up. >> no. joe biden dragged them there. >> this is an important point we paid 333,000ses today four community organizations in delaware who signed up four people we paid $83,333 for each one of the people to be signed up. now, this, we're going to see more things like this. $600 toilet seat for the air force is going to pale. >> it comes back to the individual voter. if that person is getting hurt that person is not going vote democratic. thank you. next on the run down an honest liberal will reply to this, then, "time" magazine calling governor christy an elephant on the cover. he did it. are you kidding me? factor coming right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] united is rolling out global, satellite-fed wi-fi to connect you even 35,000 feet over the ocean. ♪ that's...wifi friendly. ♪ see who does good work and compare
. also going -- we're also going to have higher cost per enrollment. think about delaware. delaware has had four people sign up, bill, last month, the month of october the federal government paid four community organizations in delaware to be navigators. >> look, i don't want to get too micro -- do you know why they only have four in delaware? do you know why only four showed up? >> it's all screwed up. >> no, no, no. it's because joe biden made them. he dragged them. >> he dragged them there. >> broke into a house with fowfer people. >> this is an important point. we paid $333,000 as taxpayers last month to four community organizations in delaware who signed up four people. we paid $83,333 for each one of those people to be signed up. now, we are going to see more things like this. you know, the $600 toilet seat for the air force is going to pale by significance. >> it all comes back to the individual voter if that person is getting hurt, that person is not going to vote democratic. that's the story. mr. rove, thanks as always. next on the run down an honest liberal will reply to all o
at the state level, what the cfpb can do is educate consumers about these issues. in delaware, one of the big development strategies about 20 years ago was to invite all of the credit card companies to delaware to create jobs. we have usury law and all credit card bills come from delaware and you pay 25-40 #% on your credit cards. unfortunately, for payday lenders, title lenders and these fringe financial services in delaware, as in most states, there's a lot of them, and the problem is they have no credit score or savings and to get a consumer loan like you might do is difficult for a lot of people. they do have to resort to payday loans. >> let's open it up to the audience. questions for mary? okay. i didn't see hands right away. i want to ask you, i'm curious about whether you are getting any pushback or help from the financial industry? i know in the runup to the financial crisis, you know, sub prime morning bower era, and they crack down on lending, push back from lobbies, representing fannie, freddie, and so forth, what's been the reaction to, you know, to the program in delaware? have
, the network of doctors that people access to is shrinking. i know one person who lives on the delaware border line that sees delaware doctors, their new plan will only allow them to see pennsylvania doctors and they will have to drive and give up their old delaware doctors. that's the new restrictions that were not in the fine print of the law even if we followed nancy pelosi's that we have to red it to find out what is in it. >> it points to the broken promise. you can keep your health plan or doctor. >> so far, no sign of that. >> john, thank you for being here and appreciate you breaking it all down. >>> surveillance video of a gas station in a small town northeast of atlanta. the man lights a cigarette. he was putting gas in the truck there and his catches on fire. and she has a bag of something and she goes off running. she suffered second and third and back and head. his hands were burned. police are issuing an arrest for him. he is charged with one count of reckless conduct. >> pregame festivities didn't go as planned. that is the denver nuggets mascot lowered to the court. ye, somethi
income tax, 11%. >> so let's go to the doing good list, most friendly attack friendly state, delaware with no sales tax, what else? >> they have no sales tax, and really modest income taxes, they are not collecting it on that end. their property taxes are low. and i think that stands out about delaware, it is rounded by high tax states most of east coast, sort of lands in the unfriendly column. delaware sticks out you think about its proximity too beaches and metro areas it is a good area. gerri: i look to wyoming, they be number two that would be great place to live. >> it would if you have a job. and with great thing about wyoming, they make so much money from oil and gas revenue, they are able to use that to lower taxes, they have no income tax. they have low sales tax, they have low property taxes, and they raised their gas, it still is below average for the nation. gerri: i see a lot of states louisiana, mississippi, arizona, alabama, nevada, where is texas, i thought texas was a low-tax state. >> sometime you pay in another area, the property taxes are pretty high, people own a
? >> when you talk about a launch which includes four people in delaware and five in district of colombia and jay carney said it is very low it is very, very low. if it is small enough, there are huge economic consequences for everybody's insurance this will be the stepping off calls for democrat calling for subsidies. we have a trillion on the debt to pay for. and the estimate to pay for obama care to keep the market juiced for everybody else we are looking at double thachl we have seen the float in the huffington post and democrats and obama administration looks for ways to salvaging the launch. and that looks very expensive. is it possible that the administration is down playing the numbers to get a little bit off of the ground it would look good? >> you don't think that people in washington d.c. would cynically manage expectations? >> what they are doing is, you thought it was only four in delaware, it is really eight. we are doing better. what they are going to focus on is how many people are going to want to get in. it would be funny because of all of the millions of people who lost
is not acceptable. >> to wrap it up here, looking at numbers, delaware, federal state with a federal plan,, not a state exchange, 126 people have signed up with you through delaware. 126. >> yes. it's a very low number. very disappointing, obviously. if you look at the state of pennsylvania, there are more. we have approximately a couple thousand individuals but, again, the numbers are very small. i think we know that from what the report that was released yesterday. and the website -- they are still working on. so it's really -- it's a bit of a mess, right. and we're working to address the situation. we're doing the best we can with what's a difficult situation for a lot of people. >> the question is, doctor, before we let you go and we got our panel here, is there a number at which the health care plans become uneconomic. right. where if you get the folks with pre-existing conditions, elderly, higher medical cost but don't get those to fund the pool how long -- everyone says give it time, give it time they will sign up and they will balance out. is there a point where y
department and was working as a cap ten, managing traffic when he was hit. he passed away at a delaware hospital. he was 65 years old. >>> they say it's safer, less expensive, less invasive than having your tubes tied. >> why are women complaining about a certain type of birth control. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: women across the country want this product pulled off the market saying it caused them pain after putting it inside their body. complications range from belly pain to cysts. the coils tie the tubes without surgery. women said they had a medical nightmare, one they're sharing by the thousands on facebook eye went in -- >> i went. i felt validated that it wasn't just me that this wasn't psychological, that there were thousands of women going through this. >> reporter: tonight at 11 we dig into the fda reports and we'll let you know what one factor may put a lot of women for complications if they get it. deciding on birth cell is a very personal decision. that's why we brought in a doctor. you have to have a lot of conversation with your doctor before you choose birth cont
numbers were bad. a report saying delaware only has four sign knees. and delaware hardly alone across the country other states reporting dismal numbers. oregon a big fat zilch. joining me, my former co-host. >> so, in the morning we used to rant about different topics. what do you want to say about the numbers? >> first i want to say look at this sound stage. >> their crisis control lacks honesty and candor. at some point the president has to stop. he did not tell the truth in the beginning. he is not being candid and we got the word. the numbers are supposed to come out on the 15th. the website for the vast majority might be working for the end of the month. it was like a cash register that doesn't work. when they are mocking you for the cma's it is widespread. >> interesting. now brian has a new book out george washington the secret six thespiring that saved the americans. he rephrases the steps of two. this is where robert townsend worked. as a merchant and a spy. and it is where he linked up with agent 355. we don't know her name but she penetrated the social circles and together
store in a delaware mall is claiming to be the number one seller of iphones in the entire country. apple is not revealing sales figures. the lack of sales tax in delaware makes it an irresistible stop for customers that buy hundreds of iphones for resale overseas. >>> and there's a staggering new record from the art world we want to tell you about. >> a painting by francis bacon, now, the most expensive work ever sold at auction. it's called "three studies of lucian freud." it was purchased at christie's in new york last night. listen to this. for more than 142 million bucks. it went to an unidentified buyer after six minutes of bidding. you bought me that for christmas, didn't you? >> yes, i did. i'm the unidentified bidder. two things, i've never heard of this guy before. and number two, it is so ugly to me. >> i've heard of francis bacon. i never heard of that specific painting. but it's not particularly attractive. >> not necessarily nice to look at. >> but bring it on. >> $142 million, go for it. >>> when we come back, change of heart. one-third of all adults may need to start takin
. a report from abc news says the "christiana mall" apple store in newark, delaware claims to sell more phones than any other apple retailer. delaware has no sales tax and is located just off a main highway connecting east coast states making it easy forcharter buses from other state to roll in customers. december 2nd is cyber monday. ibm digital analytics predict record online sales, due to growing hype on social media. however retailers are bracing for a hit over the thanksgiving weekend. only 1 in 10 americans plan to shop "on" thanksgiving day. 8 major retailers are open on the holiday: walmart, target, sears, jcp, best buy, gap, kohls, macy's, officemax. the tab is down for this year's thanksgiving dinner. the average cost of this year feast will fall from $49.48 last year to $49.04. okay, it's not a dramatic change-- but here's the breakdown.sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie mix and milk will cost you more--but turkey prices are other mention- butterball-- the nation's largest turkey producer is facing a shortage of fresh large turkeys- but has plenty frozen birds. still to
that the delaware dr has been arrested and charged for illegally selling controlled substances on line. to anonymous buyers in an underground website known as silk road. socorro is a website that uses electronic eye the currency declined to make it harder for longer force meant to attract buyers and sellers. dr is a levy of bullets who was the chief obgyn resident and a comic delaware hospital authorities are now accusing her of operating on the site under the identity and key pro anything approximately six hundred sales and over seventy different countries she's accused of illegally just distributing xanax that iraq and oxy ca and among other controlled substances unfortunately for the doctor an undercover dea agents in florida i was one of her best customers but that wasn't the only hands. turns out when bullock dropped off a package is an automatic coastal machine the machine had been taking and storing pictures of her. and when the postal inspector gave the agent the photo of the package sender was able to easily compare it with the picture on her facebook and myspace accounts. and the united st
party to me. >> it's not the tea party. >> let's throw-in new york, delaware. we have exactly two u.s. senators. one's a conservative. in the house, out of all those seats we have 12 house seats. the northeast pursued their strategy. they said let's go out and let socially moderate candidates who are fiscally conservative. it turns out they don't exist. if you go to the atr, which is arguably a conservative group, and ntu, you'll find that the most pro-life people are the most fiscally conservative. there's no question about this. fu want to know people who would cut tax debts, are they pro life or pro choice? >> we'll continue this after the break. >> i'm in delaware. i'm not a witch. >> for the three of you to cease-fire on. is there anything that you can agree on? we also want you at home to weigh in on today's fire back question. do you think that governor chris christi represents the future of the republican party? tweet yes or no. we'll have the result after the break. new purina one true instinct has 30. active dogs crave nutrient-dense food. so we made purina one true instin
of the largest in the balkan. delaware basin area which is red hot. come out with a monster earnings beat last night with earnings per share coming in at $2.32, excluding one-time items. wall street was looking for $2.06. they say they're going to grow oil production. they also reaffirmed the fabulous five-year plan which calls for a sustained production growth through 2017 as long as the price of oil stays above the mid 80s. eog opened up this morning, opened up big. a lot of the growth stocks went down. this one went down with it closing up $5. i do know these rotation tepid to last f tend to last for a couple days. you lucked out today if you don't already own the stock. this may be the chance. let's check in with mike papa, executive chairman and former ceo of eog resources. mr. papa, welcome back to "mad money." >> thanks, jim. good to talk to you again. >> first thing i have to say, congratulati congratulations. i know it's your last quarter. people say, wait a second, executive chairman, is he still involved? i thought he was the ceo. i'll give you a chance to explain the change and why
the director of financial empowerment for the state of delaware. stand by me is a statewide financial empowerment program that's a priority as governor jack mark out. so when he came into office, he decided that this was going to be a priority of his administration. we worked together and formed a partnership with united way of delaware, which is also a statewide united way, to create a financial empowerment strategy that's available to all delaware hands. so we are not strictly focused on what went on delaware and. this is available to everyone. okay. these are the types of issues that we are seen since we started and may of 2011. we've worked with about 3000 individuals, providing them with personal financial coaching. and these are the kinds of issues that we are seeing. people have a lot of sense for a variety of things. medical, student loans, credit cards. we see people supplementing their income with credit, very low credit scores, rack of access to financial services. a lot of people using the french financial site, payday loans, title mounts, rental furniture, monthly expense
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in delaware with no criminal history, the 23-year-old moved to los angeles a year and a half ago shortly after his mother died of a long-term illness. josh pagan grew up across the street from ciancia and went to school with his brother. >> when i, you know, had any interaction with him he was a friendly guy and there had to be something horrific to go on for him to go and do something like this. >> reporter: federal authorities are piecing together why ciancia sent his younger brother an apparent suicide text, one that led his family to alert police. authorities sale us the elder paul ciancia remains here at home. no word yet on when or if he'll fly to los angeles to be closer to his son. mark phillips, cbs news, pens vm, newÑi jersey. >> axelrod: the federal health care web site is going offline this evening, this time on purpose. the government says will be unavailable from approximately 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow while a tech team works to improve its application and enrollment functions. the pakistani government today accused the u.s. of sabotage, peace tal
of the news. >> i was sitting on the steps of the hall at the university of delaware in stark disbelief. going out to a car parked in the parking lot with a bunch of my fellow students, half of whom i didn't know, turning on the radio and thinking this can't be happening. >> reporter: a new memorial has been unveiled featuring part of the speech that kennedy was to be giving at the very moment that he was pronounced dead. >> typhoon haiyan stormed through the philippines ans of several more thousands stranded, and towns completely destroyed. well, last week, some bay area nurses left to see for themselves the destruction in the typhoon's wake and help those in the greatest need. tonight, they came home. jeff bush spoke to them at sfo tonight. he is live. and jeff, what did they tell you. >> reporter: they say they saw utter devastation and ramped illness. that's why it was so important for them to travel to the other side of the world to do what they do best, helping people who need help. it was a hero's return to the bay area. michelle vo and joseph were back from the philippines and wanted t
is with her mom in delaware. >> i miss the turkey, i have not really had that in a long time. >> reporter: at noon sharp, chow time, no fried turkey, but ham, stuffing and sides. a little taste of home in a war zone that at least here for a few hours today did not much feel like one. and the soldiers have one more thing that they would like to say and it is. >> happy thanksgiving, america! >> reporter: afghanistan. >> we thank them for their service. up next the teen's first public interview about his attacker who is charged with a hate crime and the bay area version of the polar express, we will introduce you to the folks behind the roaring camp railroads train. >>> and what brought out these onlookers? >> we have 40s and 50s outside right now and as we head in to tomorrow, more sunshine and temperatures soaring into the 60s for the afternoon. but we are tracking big changes ahead that will bring a big chill down in to the bay area, we will talk about this winter blast headed our way in the seven-day forecast when we come right back. >> it's a hate crime that is getting national attentio
the bay and now into delaware. lower eastern shore seeing the last batch of them. you can see that the state is somewhat clear, except for clouds. we will start to see some breaks. we will back this up around 5:00 or so this morning. as don mentioned, him and marty started to watch a severe line of thunderstorms that triggered se their thunderstorm warnings in each county. we do not have any major reports of damage but the winds took their toll and the rain came through here quickly. a front will come through later and wipe all of this clean. we already hit our high for the day. we did get close to 70 early this morning. we're at 62 right now at bwi, 67 in ocean city, 52 in oakland. our over night lows never got much lower than that. we stayed around 60 degrees across the entire area for the over night areas. how is this going to play into the next few days? for more on that out to marty >> reporter: how about this sunshine? you can see the back end of that rain. don, everybody when you walk out the back door of the station in the parking lot, blue sky, let the weekend start.
to delaware and wound up sitting next to whoopie goldberg. look at that. isn't that great? biden said what's it like making millions of americans laugh every day. she said i was go toing ask you the same question. >> a civilian to lead the nsa? and here's the great part. if you're interested, no need to submit a resume. that he eve got all the information already. they'll call you. >> this is walk score's list of the most walkable city in the urs. number 4, philadelphia. number 3, boston. number 2, san francisco. and [ male announcer ] brace yourself for mcdonald's bold, new jalapeno kicker premium chicken sandwich. and the not too shy jalapeno kicker quarter pounder. the heat comes at you from layers of jalapeno crisps, jalapeno slices, pepper jack cheese... and a cool creamy sauce that kicks in right when you need it. new jalapeno kicker sandwiches, only for a limited time. there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. ♪ >>> you're on "the list." justin timberlake will not leave us alone and i think we're okay with that. nicki mayo has details on his big encore around baltimore
initially reporting zero enrollees. across the country much of the same story. four in delaware. hundreds in illinois. karl rove served as the senior adviser and deputy chief of staff to george w. bush. 's a fox board contributor. great to see you, karl. >> next time i'll bring the white board. and then i personally have to pay for the white board. >> so instead you wrote down some numbers on a white piece. paper. let's talk about between paying customers signing up and medicaid customers. >> remember, as of the end of october the goal, into hit the 7 million target by the end of the march 31st enrollment period they have to have roughly 1.2 million people sign up in the exchanges. and that doesn't look like it's anywhere close. you mentioned, you know, north carolina one. delaware four. colorado 3400. but 34,000 had enrolled in medicaid. in oregon zero had signed up for private insurance, 52,000 had signed up for medicaid. so what that means is that the medicaid is basically free and so it's much more costly per enrollee than the cost of the exchange. >> what will happen, karl. if you do
that his campaign material never showed hiss face. >> his flyers delaware picketed -- the pictures he admits were just lifted off the internet. >> all of these supporters are african-american. >> what a coincidence. >> then there was this radio ad. >> how you be keeping up with the hccc district two race? >> the one between -- voted against $6 million in scholarships for our children right here in our neighborhood. girl, please, i bet he has relative who is could use some of that scholarship money. >> it's hard to say how much wilson's little show in racial deception helped him in last week's election, but his opponent is black, and wilson managed to eke out a victory by only 26 points, with more than 11,000 cast. one of our chief problems with the way we think and talk about race is accepting its boundaries, so somewhere beneath the down right ugliness dispensed by dave wilson, there's a colonel of truth that the -- take a 62-year-old white prem cyst. yesterday cobb agreed to undergo a dna test on daytime tv. >> craig polk has undergone dna testing to determine genetic ancestry, 86%
this will multiply the gambling addiction problems which often lead to financial ruin, meanwhile nationwide, delaware and nevada already have online gambling, although in nevada it is only online poker, new jersey will follow the delaware model and offer every game in the casino. >> whoa. i am wondering if this could spark momentum in other state states in. >> it could. there are eight states that are considering it, but there's three states, california, pennsylvania, massachusets where the bills are very close to being brought up for a vote. if new jersey works well, you may see momentum in those states. >> and where does it go from there? all right, appreciate it, thank you. >> rachelle kerry is here now. with some of the other stories making headlines today. >> hello, tony. after more than a decade in prison. he was released from prison a few hours ago, on $1.2 million bail. stakele the sentenced to 20 years to life in prison after being convicted of killing martin moxley in 1975. last month the judge ruled his attorney failed to representative properly. kentucky prosecutors are appealing. he was
: the senator from delaware. mr. coons: i ask unanimous consent that brian stevens, an intern in my office be granted floor privileges for the duration of today's session. the presiding officer: without objection. mr. coons: madam president, i come to the floor again today to talk about jobs, about manufacturing jobs, about the high quality, high skill, high wage jobs that america needs for today and for the future. today another bill was introduced here in the senate that shows that dealing with our ongoing challenges of supporting our manufacturing sector, of growing jobs in our manufacturing sector, can have bipartisan solutions. senator mark kirk of illinois joined me in introducing the american manufacturing competitiveness act. which has a simple but important objective, to require the creation of a national manufacturing strategy. today more than 12 million americans are directly employed in manufacturing, and as i've said on the floor before as part of our manufacturing jobs for america initiative, manufacturing jobs are good jobs. they're high skilled jobs, they're high wage jobs,
're uncovering the extent to which they need to make those repairs. so there are states like delaware where we found out there were really only a handful of official enrollees since october 1st. but i think the other challenge for the white house this week is when they release their own enrollment numbers for the first time, that's going to create a fire storm for them because they've already suggested that the numbers aren't good. i think that what we all need to remember is that the number of enrollees can be defined in a variety of ways. that's really what to look at. for example, in delaware, they were counting people who have actually paid their premiums, rather than people who have sought to sign up. there's certainly a lot of interest overall, but those numbers aren't going to be friendly to the white house. they already know it. >> okay. so dana, we've got to get to what you wrote on friday. a hysterical column. >> why, thank you. >> oh, so funny. the plagiarism mess surrounding senator rand paul. it's a bit different from your usual columns, we should say. here's a very interesting li
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